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3rd November 2011

8:58am: I have had a reasonably affluent upbringing. I had food, clothes of my choice as a teenager. For someone born in the 80s personal computers and video games are even rarer and I had enough of them to fail class. Bills haven't been a problem, probably because my father always gets them. He even gets my credit card bills, once in a while. 

During the end of my high school, I was always around computers. So I just picked up computer science at college. And computer science again for my masters. It was terrible. Both times I hated college. But being around what I liked was good enough. College was great for meeting people, but there was nothing else. 

As I get older, I regret going to college at all. I might have wasted a lot of time and money too. 

29th July 2010

1:44am: RDR, Inspired after a similar attempt by Michael Abbott
Was on the way back from benedict point. found the three track intersection. climbed the cliff from there through a narrow path. i was trying to find my way to armadillo. when i did something that changed everything. i shot an eagle.
i got down from my horse. and went near the dead bird. i stared at its long feathers and took them, put them into my pocket. Then I heard a noise. a growl. and i felt a pulling at my hand. Fuck, it was a cougar. A grey cougar. Was almost biting my hand off.
I pushed it away with great effort and ran to my horse. I looked around and couldnt hear it, couldnt see it. It had gone away.
I got onto the stallion, the one I tried so hard breaking that Bonnie cried laughing. I was ruffled, scared, injured. So I went the way back I came.
Until I heard that noise again. My spine chilling. The dread turns to anger. Because in one move, the cougar had grabbed the stallion from behind. Felled it and ripped its throat off. It was dead. I'm on the ground.
Angered. Scared. Preparing for its next attack. I heard another noise and ran. Ran, without listening. Without looking. Until I couldn't.

And that's when I shot him. I had to to do it. Hunger, thirst, desperation all seeped into me while I waited the whole afternoon for help. Horses might have looked at me but horsemen wouldn't. They were on their way. It is the west, and everyone's going somewhere.
So yes, I shot him. And then the sheriff came. With lot of horses. The passive guilt of killing a man was clouded by the fact that someone was here for me. Someone came looking for me. That ended up being my bounty.
Current Mood: sick

9th August 2008

10:05pm: The airplane mode.
My no.1 feature on my cellphone. if it were upto me i would have a dedicated hard button for it.

Tangentially, it actually makes a lot of sense to be living under someone. to be under a constant sense of being controlled. that way, i would do things rather than actually have a lot of freedom and just stare at things all day.

27th June 2008

12:08am: Film
I want a film camera. Any reccomendations on which to get? Think wild.
Current Mood: determined

4th January 2008

12:32am: Compulsion
Have this overpowering need to keep travelling. Cant think straight without moving. going somewhere. walks. buses. trains. anything!

12th November 2007

1:19am: Solder
Have this nice pair of headphones. The problem  - the headphone jack has worn off. The music's coming out fit enough for a karaoke session. Looks like soldering is the only way out. Never thought it would come to this! And it feels like crap to realize this in the middle of the night. Crap!

6th September 2007

1:06am: Thought
Any good thing wont last forever. Forever as in, tomorrow. Or even the next moment. Good things are *that* notorious.

12th August 2007

11:59pm: Bad Reviews
What is the point of a review if its going to say something is bad or what can be called no-go reviews? I mean if its just going to say something's bad, the review itself is a total waste of whatever it took to review and whatever it takes to read/understand that review. Otiose, is the word. There are situations when we are looking to form opinions when the no-go reviews seem useful. (In fact, there is a lot of  material out there which only serves to form opinions.) But then such-formed opinions of go and no-go serve no purpose other than to start conversations with strangers (though they'll figure out you are a hack eventually).

So all reviews should give out alternatives. If you are going to say, X is bad, then you should also be saying, try Y instead. Replace the stars with alternatives. There. I have given my alternative.

15th July 2007

9:23pm: Thought
The value of an income is a function of time spent spending it and earning it.

5th July 2007

10:58pm: White and Dark Fluff
Around 5.15 today evening, took a peek outside office. Drove like a madman, to reach home. For these.
Finally some love from the clouds.

26th May 2007

1:39am: Pencil

Thanks to spo0nman for the photo.Sharpening pencils is like people crying. It helps shed the ‘general bad feeling’ away. It turns out to be perceived bad feeling because a part of it is lost forever. It does make the pencil sharper. Just like a person feels much better after ‘crying’. Sharper. Focussed. And when you are sharpened, you forget that you are old. Forget all that is old. Ready to take on the world. But surely it would all become blunt again. Rinse. Repeat. One twist on the head and you’re all new.

All pencils are unique. Unbelievable? As unbelievable as saying ‘all people are unique’? Each pencil writes differently. The graphite in the pencil is like a human soul. You can see it if you look for it. And it writes itself on everything it touches.

I used to hang out at IIT-Madras a few years back. I never studied there, but had some friends in the campus. It was a great place for cricket, quizzing, college fests (shaastra/saarang), etc. One such time, I found a notebook in the cricket ground which had some notes, poems, thought, observations.. rants generally. I remembered this one distinctly. Its been heavily paraphrased so the author may please forgive me. The original was very amusing.

Thanks to spo0nman for the photo.


22nd March 2007

2:26am: Black box
The album's inside cover features a photographic reference to the cover of The Who's Odds and Sods. In addition to this, Stadium Arcadium is also available in a limited-edition black box that includes the 28-song, two-CD set, plus a DVD with the "Dani California" video and behind-the-scenes "making of the video" footage; a one-hour band interview; a 28-page booklet; contained in an 8-panel digipak; four art cards containing original artwork by the band; a wooden spinning top; four different psychedelic templates for the spinning top; a bag containing marbles; and a notepad disguised as a matchbook.

-from Stadium Arcadium's Wikipedia entry


19th March 2007

11:37pm: > happiness
Neal Stephenson in Cryptonomicon, talks about fuck-you money. He says,
It was not a fixed constant, however, but rather a cell in a spreadsheet linked to any number of continually fluctuating economic indicators.
Nice. Now can a machine be made to calculate happiness similarly? The indicators could include -
  • family variables
  • friend variables
  • economic variables
  • health variables
  • etc ( Can there be an exhaustive set of indicators, in the first place? )
But then this doesn't feel like how happiness is calculated internally. I mean, whenever I'm happy I have always been blissfully ignorant of a lot of those indicators... In fact I'm tempted to say happiness mandates such ignorance. And happiness, in turn, clouds these indicators some more. So was my assumption of happiness being a function of variables entirely wrong?

Lets consider for a moment that it is a function of a set(exhaustive or not) of variables. Nah. I know its not.

So is it not a function at all? Then why do we wake up everyday to do the things we do? Don't we all want to feel happy through them? At what point does the objective change to X and what is this X, which is >happiness?

15th March 2007

11:30pm: play
Finally caught five point someone, the play, by madras players. The play itself was pretty good. The crowd, even better. Highly recommended. Catch it if it ever plays in your city.

14th March 2007

12:32am: evening
Been listening to 'The Fountain' OST all evening. mpc says i've been listening to it for the past 6 hours. I remember taking a break to watch 'Tinin et moi' - a documentary on Hergé. Clint Mansell is getting to me! It was requiem last year. and now the fountain.

maiden, here i come!

10th January 2007

12:19am: n70 for sale. cheap. real cheap. any takers?
me: dude
  new ipods in town!
  and they are phones too
 shiva: yeah heard
11:21 PM now thats a phone worth changing to
 me: definitely
  suddenlee my n70 looks like its from a mel gibson movie
 shiva: haha
11:24 PM idiots coming up with concepts
 me: haha some people are crazy
11:25 PM shiva: sure are

17 minutes
  thats the real deal
11:43 PM shiva: goodness
  i mean
11:44 PM OMG
 me: i gasped too
  that screen!!
 shiva: sensational
 me: 8freakin gb in a phone
 shiva: i'm pre booking it
 me: dude come this month end da
11:45 PM shiva: :) what?
 me: how else will i even see it!
11:46 PM shiva: hehe
  wonder when it hits the stores
11:47 PM and i'm gonna be real sorry for chika when I book this
  he's gonna be so outta the race
 me: ROFL!
  i am gonna losee my n70
 shiva: :)
11:48 PM screw nokia
  we're talking real DESIGN here
 me: freaking wifi
 shiva: proximity sensor
11:49 PM me: last used in matrix movies
 shiva: poor poor srikanth R
 me: or shld i say zion
 shiva: and his middle east N70
 me: haha
 shiva: steve jobs just flipped him the bird
11:50 PM loll
 me: dude with this design-gasm it mite cost a ton
 shiva: who cares??
11:51 PM me: true
 shiva: more meaningful than my education, dude
 me: lol
11:52 PM i'll buy it for that fish screen alone
11:53 PM the UI is outta this world
11:54 PM shiva: u said it
11:56 PM me: look at sms.. its like chat
11:58 PM tabbed browsing!!
 shiva: that phone keypad... gosh
11:59 PM holy mother of god
12:00 AM me: UI experts of the world - jus give up!!
 shiva: haha..
  wonder how they do it
  over and over again
12:01 AM me: exactly
  they r like gods
  one miracle after another
  zune anyone?! windowsCE anyone!?
12:02 AM shiva: ZUNE
 me: u know what phone mfrs. couldnt even add a 3.5mm jack all these days
  iphone is worth for that alone - i could connect my altec lansings to it
12:03 AM shiva: i call em phony bastards
 me: properiatry bastards
 shiva: pun intended
 me: haha
 shiva: hehe
12:04 AM me: everytime this guy does something... it looks like he comes from the future not dusty crappy star-warsy future but a real beautiful future
12:05 AM shiva: yeah
 me: do these guys ship to under-developed countries
12:06 AM shiva: haha
12:08 AM me: i mite even buy apple shares from now on
12:09 AM applegoo!!
 shiva: :)

4th January 2007

9:37pm: All night
Its been a long long time since I had an all-nighter with a book. Thanks to Alan Moore's From Hell, yesterday was such a night. Starting to read Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver right now. Can't wait to finish it tonight. Will probably skip work tomorrow.

Also, Dan Brown is a ripoff of Alan Moore. Definitely.

20th December 2006

1:19am: Bangalore
Went for a short trip to Bangalore after exactly 5 months.  The movie alone was worth the trip. Got to meet like a dozen friends in two days including nag_nag . There is so much happening in that goddamn place that I want to go back!

27th November 2006

11:58pm: On Art
What is life without art? A man can live without food or water. But not without art. It will eat him away. Like the T-Rex did to the artless ones in Jurassic Park. Ever notice that the worst actors get eaten and eaten as the first meal for the dinosaurs. If you noticed that, you probably are one of them. If you are artless, you deserve to be eaten. Its nature's, society's and studios' unspecified well-used just-released rules. The well-hidden tough-to-find message in creature movies. Which leads me to the bigger point, erm I mean a plane. But a plane is same throughout. Drat! Let me take a geodesic in a plane. The bigger geodesic in my plane of argument is that 'all movies are self-expression'. Which leads me to this bigger geodesic erm, I actually mean a square. A side bigger than a triangle. The bigger square of what I am saying is, 'and if you are artless then you will be eaten'. Do beautiful butterflies with colors that make you gasp as if God French-kissed you breathless, ever get manufactured in fluorescent-lighted aluminum-crated poultry farms? Hardly. If you can be manufactured, you simply are artless. If they have kebab sticks that fit your organs, you WILL be eaten. If they have dresses that fiT you, you are artless. If you like your McDonald burger tasting the same in Boston and Bangalore, you are artless. If when you make mistakes, there are procedures to correct them readily, you are artless. ...

If you, your brother, you niece, your kids, your friend, your neighbours, your wife - all dress in white, eat the same food, wear the same expression, say the same things over and over, smell the same, lay eggs and have two legs

you are next in somebody's plate.

24th November 2006

10:20am: Damn
I was looking forward to visit Bangalore for a long time since I moved to Chennai in July. And FOSS was the perfect excuse. But yesterday morning, I looked into the wrong eye (though the rest of it was pretty beautiful). Got conjunctivitis. Madras Eye. Can't go now. Like Victor Mancini in Choke,
"F**k" isn't the right word but its the first word that comes to mind.
See also: Crap
See also: Damn
See also: Stuck at home

2nd November 2006

1:21am: Hooked
crossieTo Hindu's cryptic crossword. Its the only thing I do at 'work' - take a printout and slack all day with it. Here's a good one from um, yesterdays' - Forest official shows beginning of righteous wrath. 6 letters.

BTW, Benjarong serves the best lobsters in town. So does Cornucopia, the best Italian food. But Jukebox at Bengalooru(did I get that right?) makes the best lasagna. Nothing can top that.
Current Mood: awake

14th October 2006

3:13am: I want
I want you to hit me as hard as you can. OK?

24th September 2006

12:01pm: XGL, Compiz
XGL, Compiz is the answer to life and everything... er, not quite but probably the answer to eye-candy, desktop-goodness, cant-afford-a-mac-but-still-wanna-see-windows-jumping-around-ness. Here's a screenshot of the alt-tab feature.

xgl, compiz screenshot
Current Mood: bouncy

9th September 2006

8:30pm: Quiet Weekend
Tried to pass off a boring evening by doing this. Ended up making this GDM theme. This is what you get for restraining yourself from going to crap movies, humid beaches and boring pubs.
Current Mood: bored
3:42pm: Thought
The Software engineer is simply a medium of transferring wealth from one rich company to another. The keyword is 'medium'. Like ether, like a channel.
Current Mood: contemplative
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